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The Lethieullier tomb at Clapham

Sarah Markham

The vault containing the remains of eleven members of the Lethieullier family lies in the north-east corner of St Paul’s churchyard, Clapham. William Lethieullier, who commissioned it in 1726 shortly before his own death, was a member of a rich merchant family which made its living by trading with Turkey. The family was descended from Huguenots who had come to England from Frankfurt in the 17th century.

From the time it was completed until the middle of the 19th century, William’s widow and his descendants discharged their duties faithfully in respect of maintaining the tomb. They also preserved the correspondence concerning it and the bills from the workmen who carried out repairs. The majority of these documents are reproduced in this paper.

[Transactions 35 (1984), pp 135 – 48; abstract by Francis Grew, 02-Jan-1998]

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