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Excavations at Roman Road/Parnell Road, Old Ford, London E3

Peter S Mills

Excavations were undertaken across the line of the main Roman London – Colchester road, immediately to the east of work carried out in 1969-71. The agger was a brickearth and rammed gravel bank 6.5 m wide, and on either side were two subsidiary tracks or pathways; the width of the road overall was 15m, and some mid 1st-century pottery was noted in deposits of the earliest phase. The sequence of development, extending apparently into the 4th century, closely matches that on the sites to the west.

The paper includes reports on samian and coarse pottery, coins and other finds.

[Transactions 35 (1984), pp 25 – 36; abstract by Francis Grew, 09-Oct-1996}

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