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Excavations at Tottenham Court, 250 Euston Road, NW1

Robert Whytehead & Lyn Blackmore

Excavation and site-watching on the supposed site of the medieval manor house of Tottenham Court revealed a series of 13th-14th century yard surfaces, the remains of medieval and Tudor walls and a garderobe pit. These were all probably part of the manor house or the rebuilt Tudor farmhouse.

The site also yielded Early Saxon pottery. Thirty sherds were recovered, one of which was stamped and is likely to date to the late 6th or early 7th century. Concluding discussion places this material in the context of other early Saxon finds from the London area, and examines their relationship to the subsequent mid Saxon settlement of Lundenwic to the south.

[Transactions 34 (1983), pp 73 – 92; abstract as published, but augmented]

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